What you thought you knew about fleet optimization is about to change

Machine Learning for Private Aviation

AirProxima's machine learning platform enables massive improvements in fleet logistics, significantly lowering operation cost for charter jet operators. Our agnostic approach to universal cost savings increases the TAM for all operators, creating opportunities to server market segments that where previously inaccessible due to operating margin

Not all Machine Learning is equal.

ML is good as who's behind it.

Our team led machine learning initiatives at Amazon which resulted in ground breaking products like ALEXA and ECHO. Our approach is not only different, but proven. Results are meaningful, demonstrative and auditable from day 1.


More profitable time in air, significantly less dead-legs

The AirProxima Platform

AirProxima's Platform equips all operators with best-in-class tools to optimize their fleets. Whether you have one plain, or one hundred, our modular approach means you can stage the integration of tools, initially reducing operating cost and ultimately creating new charter opportunities.

Fleet Optimization

An algorithmic application that dynamically improves fleet scheduling by optimizing existing flight schedules, while integrating live scheduling changes to reflect best possible route for an operator. The end result is significant reduction of "dead legs" and optimized resource allocation across the fleet. Of significance for flight planning departments, operators can perform manual checks on their schedules, run optimization on-demand, and lock in flight schedules, realizing immediate and auditable fleet savings.

Demand Prediction

A machine learning application that takes into account both historical flights and external datasets (such as event calendars) combining them to accurately predict peek demand period between clustered airports of high activity. When used in conjunction with Fleet Optimization, operators can ensure flight assets are available in high demand locations.

At present, Demand Prediction can accurately predict flights between city "airport clusters" with over 70% accuracy. As more are incorporated and an increased amount of input streams are added, prediction accuracy will continue to increase.

Flight Provisioning

Flight provisioning is wholesale booking tool that works in concert with Optimization and Prediction. This tool equips operators with real time information as to the profitability retaining or outsourcing potential flight. Correspondingly, operators can determine whether it is best to satisfy a flight using their own fleet, or serve the customer more efficiently by outsourcing to a partner for share of revenue.

Dynamic Pricing

This tool helps operators create custom rule governing the profitability of their own fleets, allowing operators to "live price" flights based upon operating cost and real-time demand signals. Much like "Uber Surge Pricing", specific events and demand spikes will allow operators to maximize revenue when demands peaks.